Information for Registration

Required items

등록 정보
First Name(KO) First Name 
Last Name(KO)  Last Name 
Organization(KO) Organization
Job Title(KO) Job Title 
Mobile(KO) E-mail

Participating Program

Required items

DAY 1 (12.7)
DAY 2 (12.8)


Session Name 1
Speakers Name 1
Pre – Questioning 1
Session Name 2
Speakers Name 2
Pre – Questioning 2
Session Name 3
Speakers Name 3
Pre – Questioning 3

Policy on Handling Personal Information and Buyer Requirements

■ The purpose of the collection and use of personal information
2020SHRC collected personal information for the following purposes.
※ Implementation of the contract on service delivery
- Providing contents
※ Participants Management
-Identity verification for provision of services to account holders, prevention of personal information it holds from misuse and from unauthorized access, confirmation on intention of participation to the event, handling complaints and any other issues participants may raise Marketing and Promotion

■ Information to be collected
For registration, service applications, the following information is collected:
- Name, company name, phone number, e-mail, access logs, cookies, IP information, etc
Personal Data collection Method : Homepage( registration

Agreement on the Use of Portrait Rights

I agree with the use of portraits taken and related works for the purpose of using them in the online and offline media, public relations, and archives of the 2020 Seoul Human Rights Conference.

Accordingly, the 2020 Seoul Human Rights Conference Secretariat is entitled to use the portrait rights in the form of posting only or with the text for the purposes specified below.

I also agree that I do not claim ownership of the work and acknowledge that the ownership and copyright of the work is in the 2020 Seoul Human Rights Conference Secretariat.

The 2020 Seoul Human Rights Conference Secretariat may edit and nominate works taken, and the registrar agrees.

- Purpose of use: Storage of works (photos and videos) and utilization of promotional materials